Black Dress
Public Domain - Adapt. by C. Carson Parks

When I first started writing, most of my subjects were males, who often got the worst of the deal! Of course, there weren't many female torch singers at the time, so I wrote for males or duets. I was asked why I didn't ever write from a "female perspective". I said that I never had any females around me (except Mom', which doesn't count). I had 3 brothers and a male dog, so I didn't understand females (still don't, but am still trying), but I would give it some thought. For real music buffs, you'll probably make a connection to a torch saloon ballad called "Guess Who I Saw Today, My Dear". You are right but, even though I wasn't the first to envision this situation, I felt it had never been approached from a down-to-earth point of view. I tried to blend the cosmopolitan sophistication of one side of society with the pure and simple aspects of "real life." I haven't written anything like it since - - perhaps I've said everything I know about a woman's point of view!


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