Another Fine Mess
by C. Carson Parks
Heart, you never listen to the things I have to say.
Youíve spoken out of turn while I looked the other way.
I say, ďDonít fall in love!Ē, but then you begin to,
And thatís Another Fine Mess that youíve gotten us into.

Verse # 1:
I travel down this highway with a hard look on my face.
This heart that travels with me just latched on to me someplace.
I just canít figure out why mine is dumber than the rest.
I should go on alone, but I am stuck with him, I guess.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse # 2:
We meet a pretty stranger in some temporary town.
I say ďJust keep out of trouble, while I take a look around.Ē
A day or two goes by, and the time to leave is now,
But the temporary stranger has got a-hold of him somehow.

Verse # 3:
Try to make him see that itís the strong who get the bread,
But I guess itís pretty useless, for my heart just has no head.
And though heís somewhat soft, I kinda like him, donít you see.
And, strange as it may seem, sometimeís heís happier than me.

(Repeat Chorus)

© - 1968 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI