Black Dress
Public Domain - Adapt. by C. Carson Parks

I know you never thought that I would find you out
Or see the way you've changed from day to day
But I just met today the girl who's turned your head about
And now there are some things I'd like to say.

When she speaks, the words come out more beautiful than mine
And the clothes she wears are oh so fine
Probably she gets her hair done each and ev'ry day
And gets a manicure from time to time.

I guess that black silk dress must rustle softly as you dance
And then, perhaps, you say a funny line
I can hear soft laughter as she casts a knowing glance
And wets her lips a bit to make them shine.

Maybe, if the children didn't need so much
If my closets hung with lovely things
Then you'd be as proud to be with me as her
And there would be some meaning to these rings.

But I don't want you feeling that your life has been a waste,
And maybe you should have a girl so fine
But even though the things she does are always in good taste,
She could never have a heart as true as mine.

- 1967 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI