Blow Ye Winds
Public Domain - Adapt. by C. Carson Parks
Verse 1    ‘Tis advertised in Boston, New York and Buffalo
                “500 Brave Americans a-whaling for to go.”

Chorus     Singin' “Blow ye winds in the morning, blow ye winds hi-ho
                 Heave away your running gear and blow, boys, blow!”

Verse 2    They'll tell you of the clipper ships a-running in and out
                And say you'll take 500 whale before you're six months out.

Verse 3   And now we're out to sea my boys, the wind comes on to blow
               Half the watch is sick on deck, the other half below

Verse 4  The skipper's on the quarterdeck, a-squinting at the sails,
              When , up above, the lookout sights a mighty school of whales.


Verse 5  Then lower down the boats my boys, and after him we'll travel.
              But if you get too near his flukes, he'll kick you to the devil


Verse 6  And now that he is ours, my boys, let's tow him alongside
              Then over with the blubber hooks and rob him of his hide

Chorus & Out

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