Build Me A Statue In The Park
by C. Carson Parks
Build Me A Statue In The Park
Dedicate it to the biggest fool in town
And light it up each evening when itís dark
ĎCause thatís the time of day you turned me down.

Vs. #1
Oh, give me half a heart of stone
So it wonít hurt me anymore
Thatís all the heart Iím used to when Iím standing all alone
The other half went with you out the door.

Repeat (Chorus)

Vs. #2
Donít set me up on any horse.
No thoroughbred like General Lee
The front end donít fit my personality
And the other endís there already in the form of me.

Repeat (Chorus)

Vs. #3
Give me a hat thatís large of brim
So all the birds can sit thereon
And they will treat me just the way you used to do
And life will be the same after Iím gone.

© 1968 - Greenwood Music Co. - BMI