Chapter One
by C. Carson Parks

Chorus #1
I’ve just finished reading our love story,
And I’ll tell you what I think, now that I’m done
It was never ever dull, and far from ever being boring,
But the ending should have definitely followed Chapter One.

Chorus #2
This will never be a million seller,
There are many many others just like it on the shelf
And our friends tried to tell me all about the ending,
But I had to turn the pages all by myself.

Verse #1
Chapter one, I meet this beautiful princess,
As I ride up on my old, but proud, white horse.
I put down my shield and climb to her tower,
And there she said she loved me too, of course.

Verse #2
We rode off on the back of my noble steed
And together we set up castle in the East
My fellow knights kept warning me to pay a little heed
She may be the Beauty, but she may be the Beast.

(Repeat Chorus #2)

Verse #3
There ain’t gonna be no “happy ever after”
In any other story that would surely be a bore
But she went off with the dragon, with lots of laughter,
And I guess I got the poison apple, or maybe the core.

(Repeat Chorus #1)

© - 1967 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI