For You, Girl
by C. Carson Parks
Verse # 1:
If you want to take my life away
And turn my skies from blue into grey
If you want the flowers on my hill to die
And all my laughing brooks to run dry.

Then keep on doin’ like you’re doin’ to me,
And you will surely be the ruin of me.
I’ll fall apart.
I feel the trembling deep in my heart
For You, Girl.

Verse # 2:
Girl, you always swore that you’d be true,
But you were true to somebody new.
And you always said that you were mine,
But that was only part of the time.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse # 3:
If we had time enough to play,
I wouldn’t mind your acting this way.
But now the time is getting late,
And mine’s a love that just won’t wait.

(Repeat Chorus)
© Greenwood Music Co.