I Won't Ever Let It Get Me Down
by C. Carson Parks

I won't ever let it get me down
Although it's known all over town
That you've been out and runnin' 'round
But I won't let it get me down.

The love we had was far too strong
We built it up far too long
Now I won't let it all go wrong
I'll get you back where you belong.

I'll do those private little things I know you like so well,
And tell you things that maybe I forgot to tell,
And take your arm when we are out, for all the world to see
And you'll forget your love belongs to anyone else but me.

You'll never find out that I knew,
And when those others see us two
I'll look them all straight in the eye,
And they'll forget it by-and-by.

- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI