Johnson VS. Johnson
by C. Carson Parks
Verse #1 & Chorus.
Johnson vs. Johnson, on the calendar today
When his Honor brings the gavel down we'll go our separate ways
Of all the words I've ever heard, the saddest they could say
Is "Johnson vs. Johnson, on the calendar today."

The heavy door swings open; the bailiff says "all rise"
But I can't even see the Judge for the teardrops in my eyes.
I'm hoping that the clouds will pass and the sun will start to shine
But you sit at your table dear, while I sit here at mine.

(Repeat chorus)

How can it be so simple? The lawyers worked it out.
My head nods in agreement, but my heart still has its doubt
The courtroom starts to empty and everyone shakes hands,
But Johnson vs. Johnson take off the wedding bands.
- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI