Kiss My Past
by C. Carson Parks
Verse # 1
My girl was honest and true
Until the day that she ran into you
If that is all I meant to her, you’ll never find me blue
And all that I can say is “Buddy, lots of luck to you” (And you can)

Kiss My Past, kiss my past
I never would have dreamed that she would end it all so fast!
Now you are takin’ over on a love that did not last
So, Buddy, be my guest - - Kiss My Past.

Verse # 2
You think you’re smart for takin’ her away
And you act like she’s your conquest for today
But you won’t find me cryin’ here, and beggin’ her to stay,
‘Cause she would go along with you no matter what I’d say.(And you can)

Repeat (Chorus)

Verse # 3
This town’s too small, and everyone will see
But, if she wants to go, then that’s okay to me.
And don’t even bother smilin’, as you walk her out that door,
‘Cause anywhere you’re goin’, buddy, I’ve been there before.(And you can)

Repeat (Chorus x 3)
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