Longer I Stand Here (The Shorter I Get), The
by C. Carson Parks
The Longer I Stand Here the shorter I get
I should have been goiní, but I ainít gone yet
Iím just not the man that I was when we met,
And the longer I stand here, the shorter I get.

Verse # 1:
How can you just stand there and smile at me?
And say you were just playing for a while with me?
And though youíre breaking down the heart inside of me,
Iíll never let you tear apart the pride in me. (And)

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse # 2:
Youíve made the things you think of me so very clear.
Iíll pick up the pieces and go on from here.
And though your empty heart is really showiní now
Somehow I just canít get myself goingí now.

Verse # 3:
A short man may stand tall within his womanís eyes
the power of her love can make him twice his size
But if she takes away his heart and then his pride
Suddenly, heís just an empty shell inside. (And)

(Repeat Chorus)
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