Oh Say Can You See
by C. Carson Parks
Oh Say Can You See just how youíre hurtiní me
Your cheatiní ways will tear our love apart.
By the dawnís early light, you come home every night
And tell some lie that only breaks my heart.

Verse # 1
Iíve tried to do my part in every way
But it all just seems more hopeless every day
The aching in my heart canít stand to see us drift apart,
So one last time, please listen while I say.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse # 2
I told myself to keep it all inside
And just ignore the things you say and do
But, darling, now Iíve reached the outer limits of my pride
And so, my dear, itís really up to you.

(Repeat Chorus)
© Greenwood Music Co.