Open for Business as Usual
by C. Carson Parks
I'm gonna be open for business as usual
During the reconstruction of my heart.
The management regrets the fact
The place has been so torn apart.
So please excuse the inconvenience
If I sigh a lot,
I'm gonna be open for business as usual in my heart.

Verse 1

So you say my mind is always wanderin'
And you say my eyes are sometimes longin'
There are things I remember, before the parting of the ways,
But it will all be over one of these days, (and)

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Were you ever hit when you weren't lookin'
Hang suspended there 'tween life and death
The way she said goodbye has really knocked me off my feet
But i'll be alright, just let me catch my breath.

Verse 3
Days may come when all your hopes go under
And the things you planned are not to be
But you can't close up shop or love will never find you home
And I am gonna make it, wait and see.

(Repeat chorus)
- 1967 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI