P O Box One Nine
by C. Carson Parks
Healthy young man, soon to be single
Wants new girl willing to mingle
One to make my world seem fine - -
Apply to P. O. box one-nine.

Yesterday, she pulled the curtain
There's one thing I know, for certain
I can't make it all alone
Gotta find a girl to call my own.

(Repeat chorus)

Don't know anybody I can call
'Cause all of our friends were married and all
Maybe I should run an ad
Right now anything wouldn't be bad

(Repeat chorus)

There are numbers by the phone booth I could call
And a lot of funny things are written on the wall
But the kind of girl I'm looking for
Wouldn't have her name on the phone booth door!

(Repeat chorus)
- 1970 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI