Second Mrs. Tanqueray, The
by C. Carson Parks
There's a brand new person on the social set
It's someone I think I really know, and yet,
Though she's very much the same, even similar in the name,
I'm quite convinced we've really never met.

Oh, the second Mrs. Tanqueray has a house right here in town.
And the second Mrs. Tanqueray has a brand new satin gown.
She has social life galore, and new friends by the score,
And I always want to hold her when I see her at the store.

Oh the second Mrs. Tanqueray has been seen dating around,
And I hope that she'll be happy with the brand new life she's found.
I don't know what she's coming to, or what my heart will do,
Since the second Mrs. Tanqueray said "good-bye".
- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI