String Man
by C. Carson Parks
When I started out in this business (shoot, I wasn't but half-way grown)
I said to myself: "boy you're dynamite! you can make it on your own,
I went to each and every audition, said "back up! look out, it's me!"
and every time, without a doubt, they said "we can't use you, can't you see."

Well, I got down to my last dollar; couldn't pay for my bed and board
I figured I couldn't make it all alone, so I gave it all to the lord.
I said "lord, you gave me the talent, now I need a chance to show it.
And I promise that every time I play, them folks are gonna know it

That I'm just a String Man, playin' in the Lord's band
No matter what cha say, I ain't gonna change it
'Cause I didn't write it, it's the Lord's arrangement.
I'm just a String Man, playin' in the Lord's band
Gettin' it together and doin' the best that I can.

Well, the Lord said "son, it's just you and me,
I got a plan, if you'll agree:
I'll write the charts, you play 'em as they stand."
Then he blessed my fingers and he blessed my voice
And said "okay, son, you got the choice
To play your way to glory in my band."

Well, I got pretty well known and I made me some movies
(Some were dogs, but some were groovies)
And sometimes I'd forget the deal that I made.
Then, whenever I'd get way down on my luck
And just about ready to give it all up
I'd just pick up this old guitar and play:

(Repeat chorus)

Well, I don't know what the future may bring,
'Cause I just pick like a fool and sing
And maybe what I do will bring someone, somewhere, some joy
And I hope when I'm called to the Judgment Day
They'll add it all up and the lord will say
"Why don't you sit in, son, you're a good old boy!"

(You can be a) String Man, playin' in the Lord's band (etc.)
- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI