This Is Gonna Hurt Me
by C. Carson Parks
When I was just a little boy, my Daddy said to me:
You’ve been a naughty boy, my son, and he would take me ‘cross his knee
I still recall his words, as they were ringing in my ears,
But today they mean more than they have for years.

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you
I’m taking back my love, dear, because I know you’ll be untrue
I’m gonna break my heart today, but you would break it anyway
This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you.

Our affair was wrong somehow, I think I found out why:
It’s because my love was all my life but your’s was just a lie
So now we’d better break it off and go our separate ways
And maybe I’ll forget you one of these days.

Repeat (Chorus)

Without a doubt when you step out, someone will take your place
To play the clown until you’ve found the one that you’ll embrace
I love you far too much to stay, you’ll never be my wife
So goodbye, I hope you’re happy all your life.

Repeat (Chorus)
© Greenwood Music Co.