Upper U.S.
by C. Carson Parks
Oh the Upper U.S. is where I long to be
I miss the coast of Maine beside the sea
All of this America is beautiful, I guess
But when you tell me "Dixie", I say "Upper U.S."

Talk about your Blue Ridge mountain home
And the places where the buffalo used to roam
Everybody's gotta find his place of happiness,
But when you tell me "Dixie", I say "Upper U.S."

Now, I can eat a barrel-full
Of black-eyed peas or beans,
But I wouldn't trade a lobster stew
For a sea of collard greens.

And every time I hear you say "howdy, y'all"
That is when I hear my ocean call
And when we pick our heaven homes, if such things god will bless,
Then you may go to "Dixie", but I'll say "Upper U.S."
"Upper U.S."

((2x) and out.)
- 2001 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI