White Ring Stays, The
by C. Carson Parks
Verse 1
Once the world was warm and bright
We had the sun and the sand
And in those days our hearts were light
Bright as a ring on a hand.
Now all the good times are past and gone
Gone with the going of you
Now all the sunshiny days are gone
And now the ring has gone too.

But the white ring stays, and it gives me away
It lingers on my hand where there was a wedding band.
Oh, the white ring stays and I pray for sunny days
So the white ring will fade and take your mem'ry away

Verse 2
Maybe time will dry my tears
And then my life will go on.
But the weeks just seem like years
I can't believe that you're gone
I've thought of finding another love
(I see the look in their eyes.)
There's just one thing that I'm certain of - -
They think I'm telling them lies ('cause)

(Repeat chorus)
- 1968 Greenwood Music Co. - BMI