Wolves, The
  by C. Carson Parks

& Bernie Armstrong Jr.

  I'm a happy man, a contented man,
I live where the snow is wild.
I have a trapline twelve miles long,
And a lovely wife and child.

Since early this morning I've been workin' my line,
The weather was cold and clear
I'm headin' home to my fireside
And my wife and child so dear.

Onward, onward, through the night
Beneath the moon I go
Onward, onward, through the night,
The wolves howl in the snow.

The cabin is empty, the fire is low,
A note lies on the bed....
The baby is sick, we've gone to town,
We're on the trail ahead.

I ran to the door, my heart beating wild,
Strapped my pistol to my side
Oh, god, I've told her "Never go out alone!"
Now, quickly to her side.

Repeat Chorus

The trail before me is plain to see
Until, beneath a pine,
More tracks I see, are on this trail,
Than my wife's, my child's, and mine.

What was that in the distance?
Was it a scream I heard?
Oh no, God, No, It couldn't have been ...
It must have been a bird?

Repeat Chorus

From the top of a hill, I gazed below,
The blood drained from my face.
The sight I saw made my blood run chill ...
The wolves had won the race!

Repeat Chorus
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