November 1, 2001
C. Carson Parks Song on Newly Released Album

Frank and Nancy Sinatra had some luck with one of Carson's songs 35 years ago, and the country music group "The Mavericks" covered the song in 1995.  Now, British musician/singer Robbie Williams and American actor Nicole Kidman made a duet recording of the song "Something Stupid" for a soon to be released album by Robbie Williams.   Robbie's new album  is somewhat of a tribute album to the songs of the "Rat Pack," which include tunes by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. 

The album was released in Europe in late October and is due for U.S. release in November.

In the third weekend of December, "Something Stupid" was released as a single in the United Kingdom, and immediately hit the charts at #1.  We have not yet received any information about a planned release date for North America, but it would seem likely that it might be forthcoming. due to the amount of "hoopla" happening in the U.K.  Stay tuned for the latest.

For additional information, see Robbie Williams Official Web site 



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