Candy Little Girl
by C Carson Parks

One year (date escapes me), there were some hits, such as “Lollipops and Roses”, (or perhaps “Tulips And Tootsie-Pops!) that were to entice love with a mixture of endorphin - inducers, which do something for the same reactions to the same thing that “boings” you from chocolate supplying a chocolate drive or a sex urge. I don’t know much about this stuff, as the subject doesn’t merit much research on the matter. But it seems a little wide of the mark on child abuse, and I’m totally against that practice, and the subject nauseates me. I might have written this in preparation for some “Grimey Awards” night, when some Nashville song-writers would get together and laugh at some of our creations. This was meant to be a real “Groaner”, which it certainly is, but it’s about as far as I can go to the edge, without bringing the Sheriff to my door!