Long Lovin' Arms Of The Law

by C. Carson Parks 

I had a friend who lived in Burbank, and was a Narc on the L.A,P.D. I said “Bill, that’s serious shit, Buddy! You could get killed! But he loved the work and stayed with it. My daughter Hilary, a kinder garden toddler at the time brought home a little Dixie Cup full of dirt for Mommy’s kitchen sink window sill. The child explained that it would grow pretty flowers. One evening Bill and his wife came over, and Bill noticed the start of Hilary’s garden. He said “Carson, how long have you been growing Marijuana? Sure enough, when he pointed it out, there it was! He explained how wild bird seed, which is probably what they used, is full of pot seeds, and that’s why birds and squirrels love it so much. Afterwards, we got a good chuckle out of it, such as bringing a new meaning to “A Child’s Garden Of WHAT!?”