Love Has Gone A Tumbling

by C. Carson Parks

& Jeff Foote

Just a few years after “Something Stupid” hit, my then-wife’s brother sent me some melodies and chord changes, for my consideration. At the time, I think he was teaching voice at Central Michigan Univ., and is a talented singer and bass player. I don’t recall his indicating any tempo, but I think that I did slower or faster than he envisioned it. Whatever - - he didn’t have any clue that I could discern about a bridge, so I developed this one, which is a little weird, but Terry Gilkyson said: “How do you write such inventive bridges?!”, which I took as a great compliment from a real master! I guess I told him that I just got bored with the same old thing, and tried to do ANYTHING different! At least, that’s the way I feel today, long after his passing in Santa Fe, without giving me a forwarding address! Well, I guess (and hope) that he learned a little something from me, during our long and friendly relationship, as I learned from him! Well, I guess that’s what music is all about. I’ve picked the brains of George Gershwin and Cole Porter long after their demise, and so many others that I couldn’t count. Perhaps sometime down the line, somebody will say: “Thanks, Carson, for breaking a few rules, to show us that it’s okay, if it works.” (This has gone on longer than I expected, but I got some stuff off my chest, which I can hardly afford!)