What Have You Done With It All

by C. Carson Parks

For one quadrennium, I chaired the work on a Stewardship for the United Methodist Church in Middle Tennessee. The lady from Nominations and Personnel understood that I wasnít clergy, but a lay person., that I probably was better equipped to serve on the Worship work area, with my background in Music and Theatre Arts. She assured that they would teach me all I needed to know and what they really needed was a good communicator. So I read a bunch of books and pamphlets on the subject, as well as the parables and some Old Testament passages that relate to our responsibilities to God and our Fellow Man, and the environment, etc. It was a real eye-opener to me, and I enjoyed it immensely! I sang it quite a few years at workshops and worship services, and it was quite popular. I even did it in Colorado Springs for the National Assoc. Of Stewardship Leaders, and had to pass out copies to people around other parts of the country, as people wanted to use it in their areas. I couldnít really charge them for it, as they were doing Godís work. Anyway, I still think itís a good tune, but it has never been recorded other than this demo, but it wouldnít surprise me if it won a Dove Award sometime down the road, but I donít know anybody at Word Music or even names of people in that end of the music business. I hope you like it, even though I wasnít in very good voice at the time..