You're Already Gone

by C. Carson Parks

Although I don't wish anyone bad luck, it seems to me that there is a moment in a failing relationship when something in the back of your mind snaps.  You may keep trying to make it work, but there comes a doubt that there's a future.  It's that first inkling that it may be headed for a downfall.  I wanted that message, but I also wanted a soft Latin feel, a slow Merengue (called "Salon Merengue" in the Caribbean).  I felt my guitar abilities were adequate to put down the basics, but I needed some "fill", so I got my neighbor (Charlie Gore) a steel player in Nashville to do the demo session with me.  I requested Dobro only, as that sound has always fascinated me.  He said "that's not the type of music that Dobro is meant for!"  I said: "Charley, you're not 'Dobro', you're the 'string section'!", and I think it came out very nice.  Just what I wanted!