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Reggie Bannister -

Reg Bannister played guitar and sang with the Greenwood County Singers in the mid-'60s.  He went on to fame as an actor in the "Phantasia" series of movies.

Van Dyke Parks -

His brother's web site.  Van Dyke played with Carson in the folk-duo "Steeltown Two," the trio "Southcoasters," and the "Greenwood County Singers.  He has had a long and successful career in the music and entertainment industries.  Find out more about him.

George Grove -

A current and 25-year member of the still touring Kingston Trio.  He places both guitar and banjo while on the road, however, he is a classically trained on piano and brass.  Carson met him in Nashville in the early '70s, before he embarked on his long career with the Trio.  George was a session musician in Nashville at the time, and played on a number of demo recordings for Carson.

The Kingston Trio -

A lot of musicians from the '60s owe a lot to the popularity and influence that the Kingston Trio had in the late '50s.  It was at the start of the Kingston Trio's popularity that Carson began playing in the L.A. coffee houses and bars.  The Kingston Trio were also watching two other prominent folk groups--- The Easy Riders and Bud & Travis.  Carson would later join the Easy Riders and partner up with Bud Dashiell (the Bud of "Bud & Travis) on later music projects in the late '50s-early '60s.



Eliza Gilkyson -

Carson has known Eliza Gilkyson since she was born.  The daughter of Carson's longtime friend, Terry Gilkyson, Eliza has had a long career as a singer & songwriter that spans most of her adult life.  She tours extensively throughout the year.

The Shaw Brothers

Carson met Rick and Ron Shaw in Terry Gilkyson's office in 1960.  Their world-wide reputation was firmly established in 1972 when, as the Hillside Singers, they recorded "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" --aka the Coca-Cola Song-- which became an international hit.  Their original composition, "New Hampshire Naturally", was made an official state song by a special act of the legislature in 1981. 



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